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The Container Bus Stop
Behind the Scenes
Crafting Uniqueness, One Container at a Time
Art Project
One of five projects chosen for the Innovative Plan for Leveraging Arts Through Community Engagement (INPLACE) initiative.
Planned designed by artist Tony Armeni. Construction completed by Steel Valley Container Structures.
Funded provided through a grant to Youngstown State University from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Take A Look From Start
This build was approved in March 2017 and was completed in June of the same year.
This design was one of fifteen pitched to the INPLACE team of eight members and was one of the final five selected to be provided a $20,000 grant. This complete art initiative was aimed to craft distinctive pieces that would add a few new creative elements to the city of Youngstown.
To Finish
"It offers people an opportunity to think a little differently about Youngstown, to participate in the transformation that has been taking place here."

-Leslie Brothers, INPLACE planning team
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