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Container Model Home
Behind the Scenes
Reimagining Spaces, Container by Container
One Bedroom, Living Room, One Full Bath, Full Kitchen, Stack Washer and Dryer
One-Bedroom, 650 Square Ft, Built From Two Shipping Containers
Build Time
Full construction of each unit of this size would estimate at four to six weeks

Step into our Model Home Build, a stunning testament to the versatility of shipping container construction. Showcasing functional elegance, it proves that repurposed containers can seamlessly create stylish and sustainable living spaces, while being completed on a smaller budget than a house with traditional building materials.

This built cost an estimated $100 per square foot to construct and furnish.

Future units could be set on a foundation, a full basement or concrete piers depending on structure type.
“Never did I imagine it would turn out as gorgeous as what this project turned out to be."

-Eric Carlson, President of Joe Dickey Electric
A view from inside this unit. It features a bedroom, living room area, kitchen, full bath and is wired for electrical service, as well as cable television.
This would not have been possible without the teams at Joe Dickey Electric and Sheely's Furniture.

We thank them for their assistance in finishing this model!
A Look Behind The Scenes
“This is a great example of American ingenuity."

-Bill Johnson, Ohio Congressional District Representative
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